May 23, 2013

Men's best successes come after their disappointments


I'm attracted to this phrase, I found it on my friend's FB profile, credits to my friend (shahidan). Why Im attracted?? because it was really happened to my life, but not for the successes right now r.. For sure it also happen to your life right??

We as a human should to expect. Expect WHAT??? Expect to first. 

We won't fail bcause we are dumb or bcoz it's too hard to do this stuff (for me MEDIC course r), but rather because humankind's normal resistance to change. The condition called homeostasis resists changes in any organism, even if that change is ultimately beneficial. It takes time to get our system accustomed to doing things differently. therefore, startling positive results won't be immediate, they will be slow and incremental. But they are real. In fact, if we truly make a commitment to lifelong learning as an unending   part of our life, the results will come faster than we might expect ( juz not quite as fast as u would like).
Failing and making mistakes are the only ways to make true progress in something new. It has been said that the only ways to be staggeringly successful is to double our rate of failure. That is not as silly as it may seem. If we don't make mistakes, we aren't pushing ourselves into new realms of possibility. Failure is normal at the beginning of something new or unfamiliar. Failure also fades away as we make an effort (do not stop until successes far outnumber mistakes).
Therefore we must also expect to put in a lot of effort. The work that's needed to be done is easy and relatively simple, but it's also new and therefore likely to be uncomfortable at first. it takes effort to overcome that discomfort and explore new things. Find the energy for that effort and we will be richly rewarded.
Expect to be persistent. If we fail a lot, put in a lot effort, and still do not see the promised result, do not give up. Change strategies, review what we are doing, try something new. 
Finally, after we have strive very hard, we should pray to God (ALLAH), let Him do His job. Whatever result that will come out, it is the best for us. Remember, God never disappointing us, He will give the best for us. Even the bad result we got, but the good will come at last. Thank you.

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  1. wow english kau!!! mmg gempak! hahaha. bangga giler aku! keep it up beb, and strive hard for medic! may we all achieve success~

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  3. wak lu... actlly this is not my ori post.. the title I got from my fren, while artcle I got from somewhere n edit for lttle bit.. Good collaboration rite??hehehe

  4. hahaha. cisdale.
    tapi bagus ah. ak rase ko tmbah byk kot.
    tgk cam gempak je ayat. ngahaha.
    jadi la frens ak weyh! hak3

  5. failure is the first step of success. chaiyok!


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